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Let's see if we can do better next time.

Barrett was neatly dressed.

This is a thought provoking book.


I think they went this way.


He revealed the secret to her.

I'm not rich.

Your freaking grandfather nearly ran me over!


Did Romain remember to do what we asked him to do?

Jeany still hasn't come home.

Yes, please.

There's a lot of greenery in Tokyo Midtown!

The Senate acted quickly to approve the treaty with Britain.

He was in the world.

He looked satisfied with my explanation.

Delbert told me he didn't know anyone who lived on Park Street.

Sandeep turned off the air conditioner.

A piece of paper got jammed in the printer and now it doesn't work.

He is to go to Tokyo on business.

The world's gone crazy.

Who referred you?

The time will soon come when anyone can travel in space.

Knapper has been right all along.

I should have married your brother.

There's something magic about the nightfall.

I don't need to write it down.

Unplug the television and turn off the light.

It took me several hours to correct it.

Our boss approved our plan.


Ritchey had some fun.

I just want to get Ima home safely.

I told you to leave her alone.

Do you ever get lonely?

In the fall we harvest our summer crops.

Is there something in particular that you want to know?

Why don't you just do as you're told?


I hope that you will return.

I would like to eat ice cream.

It took us a long time to decide what we really wanted to do.

Why should he leave?

Have you always given up so easily?


What's your favorite spectator sport?

I had my purse stolen in the changing room.

Maria makes an outstanding mayonnaise.


It's not like that anymore.

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Don't talk about him that way.


Donovan wished that he knew Belinda's telephone number.

Revised wants full custody of the kids.

We've got to try something different.

This beach is a popular tourist spot.

My watch is five minutes slow.

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Jesse usually gets up early.


She lives in this house by herself.

Ravindranath had nothing to eat yesterday.

Ishida advances to third on a stolen base.

I want to speak about my love.

You've filled out.

I thought he was here.

People don't believe your silly propaganda!


The students ran out through the door.

Is Haruki Murakami popular in Vietnam as well?

She wants to settle down and have children.

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It looks like a camera of some kind.

Isn't this against the rules?

Why don't you grab your coat?

I got all tongue-tied when she spoke to me.

Do you want me to call an ambulance?

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Why did you come in here?

I can't explain it any other way.

I got a hole in my jeans.

Sridhar is worried about what might have happened to Steven.

Marla often skips school.


They bought a macaw.

Jesper has lots of friends in Boston.

A state is made up of individuals who compose it.


Carlo lived a long life.

Herb discovered that life on the road wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

Go see her.

Masanobu said he didn't have a plan.

What animal would you compare yourself to?

I knew what to expect.

They scraped barnacles off the hull of the ship.

Did you think I wouldn't notice?

The problems are inherent in this system.


Because she was overseas, she often phoned via Skype.

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Rajesh waited nearby.

We crouched down beside them.

I'll help you cook dinner tonight.


I see what you did there.

Little birds sing merrily.

This is inadmissible.

Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in the world.

I think she's a witch.

Miri had a key role in arranging this party.

This lady witnessed an accident at three o'clock this afternoon.

Do you like adventure stories?

He's a reliable man, you can reckon on him.

We finished today.

He gets angry at the slightest thing.

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Just tell me what you know about the situation.

Years passed.

Hopefully, we'll win.

His heart ached when he saw his son's miserable state.

Now, listen.


We are all in agreement.

They made love all night long.

It's a windy day.

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If you had taken my advice, you wouldn't be in such trouble.

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I'm resting my eyes.

Who's the father?

You've been warned.

I don't want everyone to think I'm stupid.

I bought him a magazine.

Will you be home for dinner?

Ellen wants to change that.

I approve of everything that he does.

I can't pick this lock.

He is not wise but clever.

There is honor even among thieves.


We give him the apple.

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"I am sorry to contradict my famous friend and colleague," said the Owl, "but as far as I'm concerned, I think that when the dead weep, it means they do not want to die."

We're ready to go.

Ravindran and Jean-Christophe are going to get married on October 20th.

I was embarrassed by what she said.

After falling off his bike, Maureen writhed around on the ground in pain.

I wouldn't want to miss your concert.

I wanted to buy my neighbor's cottage, but it had already been sold when I got there.

I caused you to die.

Space is always punctual, isn't he?


We need more choices.

Rafik said he knew what that was like.

Republic Day is celebrated on the twenty-sixth of January.

It's a miracle!

Donn went to prison.

The children are not playing in the living room, but rather in the yard.

And what about you?

Pontus always greatly enjoyed reading Shatter's poetic letters.

Put the ashtray within eyes reach.


Are you sure we have enough time?

My study absorbed me in those days.

I don't ever want to see her again.

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Three suspects have been arrested.


Who plays golf?

I'm a little busy.

They said it would be ready on time.

When will we stop sitting by and watching?

Take care.

We don't know what it is, but we know what it isn't.

I never leave my house unlocked.

Why was Marguerite arrested?

We had a very busy day.

It's possible that Sandra may not know that Hwa is in the hospital.

We can end it.


I'm adding the last touch.

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The door isn't locked.

I finished all my work early.

The mother was embarrassed at her son's bad manners.

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My God, help me!

May God bless the Americans we lost this morning. May He comfort their families. May God continue to watch over this country that we love.

What's your favorite drink?

No words can express how amazing you are.

Play dead so you don't get killed!

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He came to ask us to help him.

Last years we lent you one million euros to buy machines.

I like to leave unattended baggage at international airports and railway stations.


You look stunning!