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They held Stefan for a few hours and then let him go free.

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I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Perhaps I can be of help.

Lievaart has a lot of bad habits.

I like playing sports.

Why did they do it?

I'm too old for that shit.


How is the exam?

I'd rather get a divorce.

Randall was confused at first.

Is this car new?

It's not music.

Trying to do such a thing is a waste of time.

I'll just keep quiet.

It was a waste of time and effort.

Gregge is not much older than Earle's daughter.

Naoto takes after his father in appearance.

We had lunch in the meeting room.

Go and fetch Shane.

Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.

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I said I want the truth!

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Hurf knows that he was wrong.

Lois is drying his face with a towel.

Would anyone like a transfer?

Claire is quite organized, isn't he?

Let them carry it.

The sun shines for everyone.

You handled that badly, Deborah.

Iaido, it is a form of swordsmanship that strikes down an attacking opponent with one blow of the sword quickly drawn out of its sheath, whether one is sitting or walking.

How many bus stops are there between here and where you get off?

Much of what they wrote about never happened.

If I had had my way, we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

The population of Japan is larger than that of New Zealand.

Roberto never told me he used to live in Boston.

That singer is going to become popular.

Eliot wants to donate money.

He is not rich, but he is happy.

I hope she doesn't die.

She is much concerned about the result.

Please make your reservations promptly.

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I want to ask her something.

What makes you think that isn't true?

Are you looking for anything in particular?

Do we need them that badly?

It's not such a long list.

Sex change operations are now tax-deductible.

I want to know what happened to the gun you received from Sonja.

Only plagiarism was missing to him!

Kelvin bought a pair of leather motorcycle gloves.

A giraffe extends its neck to get food.

Bravely though they fought, they were defeated.

I knew you wouldn't forget her.

Philip has solved the puzzle.

I've always been a slow learner.

I missed the beginning of the movie.

Stanly spends a lot of time on the phone.

Steve is now a happy little girl.

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The company is promoting a new car on TV.

A boy ran off with some money.

I love them.

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I'm allergic to cigarette smoke.


Mariou took a step towards Nou.


From the top of the hill you can see the sea.

It was a very exciting game.

She is 8 months pregnant.

The battlefield was full of the dead and the dying.

"She asked about you." "What did she say?"

Let's put up the Christmas tree there.

I'd like to pay with my credit card instead.

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Pablo told me that he likes to swim.


I think we should do this some other time.

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That's why I'm not disappointed.

The communists called each other "comrades".

Exactly how many times did you hit Harris?

I'm not trying to make you feel guilty.

Come out now.

Ian looked puzzled.

Just let me see it.

Please stop walking.

We need a ladder.

I haven't spoken to her yet.

The strike brought the city to a halt.


We were beside ourselves with joy.

She set about her homework at once.

Mr. Suzuki is an outstanding scientist.


Ninja is a good driver.

He fulfilled the functions of a statesman.

It was painfully loud.

The child threw a stone at the dog.

I'd like to have a single room with a bath for two nights.


Don't take that tone with me.

He's the cause of all this.

Nobody is going to tear down this house.

I was foolish enough to leave my commutation ticket at home.

I was sure I understood it, but on thinking it over, I realized I didn't know at all.


I can't read handwritten script, so could you please write it in printed script?

I want to talk to your supervising officer.

I feel comfortable around her.


What was Jin really talking about?

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Are you still looking for something to do?

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I used to keep a diary every day when I was young.

Where do you see him?

Without an enemy, courage dies down.

When each of the children had been given a portion, they began to quarrel in pairs about whose was larger.

You're just being nice to me.

He is a kook.

The Puya Raimondi has a beautiful inflorescence.

This is an amazing result.

We've met before.

It's very upsetting.

Tao seemed to have a plan.


Don't send that letter.

Hertz and Avis are head to head competitors in the car rental business.

Jwahar is shopping for a heavy coat.

Werner knows how to get things done.

Do you know whether Pete can speak French?

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When I had just arrived in Switzerland, I was completely taken aback by the prices.


I'd like to believe that.

You should be careful not to say too much.

Those doors should be closed.

One of them was mine.

Shuvra is a ski bum.

The politician said that he had paid all his taxes and done nothing illegal.

He will hide it.

Your eyebrows look weird.

Her face paled.


It may well rain before tonight.


My new job leaves me little time to socialize.

I'll come by car.

Rob vaguely remembers meeting Walter.

Do you like thunderstorms?

His new secretary proved useless.

The sun set, so they quit work.

I'd rather go by subway than by train.


I wanted to be her.

I wrote his name down for fear I should forget it.

I thought Pierre was one of them.


I waited for her to speak.

You may go home.

Hui Shi had many ingenious notions. His writings would fill five carriages; but his doctrines were erroneous and contradictory, and his words were wide of their mark.


Bring me two pieces of chalk.

My passport was stolen.

Why is everyone staring at me?

I'll be happy to answer your question.

You need to be a team player.

Shakil won't be that hard to convince.

I'm in a little bit of trouble.

Miek was working at his desk all morning.

I didn't do anything for him.


A person who laughs is happy.

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If your friend is one-eyed, look him by his side face.

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His selfishness is never satisfied.


Love is a madness that only the priest heals, and when the priest heals it, he commits a great folly.

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Marguerite did that for us.

What he's trying to say is quite sensible in a way.

I cannot speak and listen as well as I write.

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I like him a lot, but sometimes he gets on my nerves.

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Vijay suffered from a heart attack and almost died waiting for the ambulance.


He ascribes his failure to bad luck.

One who keeps good hours will live long.

That guy is a bully.

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The company shares give a high yield.