How is this possible?

This might be something we can use.

Do you have any doubts?

My grades have improved since first semester.

Jim was counted out in the seventh round.

I called Jackye's sister.

Did Gregory have any problems that you know of?

They were busy with housework.

How much longer do we have to stay here?

We have to meet the demand.

She takes after her mother.

You're not an idiot.


She advised him not to drive too fast.

This is yesterday's newspaper. Where's today's?

I'm not sure about who to give the present to - the boy, or the girl?


When did you come over to France?


Coolidge won the 1924 election easily.

She activated the account.

Stop crying. You'll ruin your mascara.

Starbuck's choking.

How old were you when you started studying French?


She blamed her little sister for everything.

They want to take part in the Olympic Games.

Do you like your hot chocolate?

Guido shook his head and laughed.

We're having a great time.

Interpreting is the basic principle.

"What are you doing today?" "I'm doing nothing much."

It's one of mine.

Because of their good work history and excellent credit record, the bank manager felt safe in offering Tomas and Toerless a mortgage at only two percent above the prime interest rate.

First, let's talk about what Coleen needs to do.

Can I really have all of these?

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The rules must be few, and what is more important, simple.


What would you call that?

Kit doesn't live in Boston anymore.

Who is she?


Seeing her lovely face relaxes me.

A clever student can answer such a question easily.

I can't give you an immediate answer.

Can I tell Jordan?

I can't really explain it.


Were you comfortable?

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Mother told me that I had better not go out in such bad weather.


Michel is a very pretty girl.

Sassan is the one who taught me French.

"Naren's crying." "I know."


I used to worry about everything, but now I don't.


What's the occasion?

She makes the best sandwiches in the world.

I don't want to do it.

We'll have to sit at the back of the train.

That might be difficult.

Can you be here in half an hour?

This is a miracle.


How much are these apples?

You will be a good diplomat.

I thought Srinivas and Noam were hungry.


Some men treat women like property.

I'm not a manager.

It may seem like an awful lot of money, but it'll be money well spent.

What time should I pick you up?

My parents rely on my monthly allowance of fifty thousand yen.

Did you think about your wife when you were in the army?

I can always count on her because she is responsible.

I'd like to live in the suburbs of Kobe.

I won't tell anyone about this.

"What were you like in high school?" "I was quiet but really good at chemistry."

We're going back for them.

Do you find that funny?

Santa Claus was standing in the garden.


Kyu didn't think it was likely that Carsten was still at home.


That room is filled with a cloud of cigarette smoke.

I'd suggest you buy it.

I know what Myrick saw.

I consider him a great scientist.

I gave my plans away.

He didn't show up at the party yesterday evening.

If the universe is an answer, what is the question?


Kyu isn't listening anymore.


Good dog!


That sounds like a big waste of money.


Besides teaching English, he writes novels.


He is popular among general readers.


He went by the name of Johnny.

Where did you park your car?

We don't serve people like you.


No one can live by and for himself.

Floyd begged Lukas to come home.

There is much talk that she is going to France next month.

I didn't know why Isabelle wasn't invited.

You should clean that cut straight away, you don't want to get an infection!

The villagers serve their own needs by taking turns driving the bus.

It could've been Jay.

They began to import liquor illegally to sell for high prices.

I cannot dance with Taninna. I'm too shy.

Have you seen him recently?

The ground was cold.

I thought you cared about Eli.

She complains about everything.

Have you spoken to him?

I had nothing to say to Owen.

Most students study hard.

The novel gives a manifold picture of human life.

I lost him among the crowd.

Won't you have a seat?

It's under the chair.

Plastic didn't think that Kevan would get the better of him.

Today I watched a play of a script written by a friend.

He fell and broke his arm while he was skiing.


Kayvan asked Gene to keep an eye on John.

I hope this is resolved quickly.

She sat down and lit a cigarette.

When did Teri tell Kayvan to fix the broken chair?

Would you have a pair in size 42?

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Susanne opened the apartment door and walked in.


Hirotoshi heard the door open and wondered who it was.

Fifty-five people died in the violence.

We did warn Granville.

You have no idea how hard I've had to work to do this.

This question is one of great importance.

You won't fool me with your flattery.

Do you know what causes that?


What does he buy at the supermarket?

I'm so worn out!

I've worn out my shoes.

What can I do to help him?

Philippe couldn't keep up with the class.

Thank you again, Jiri.

I didn't know where Sharon was taking me.

I have no intention of apologizing to Connie.

I'm sure my wallet was on top of the dresser.

It's a bet.

Shane wasn't like that.

We sailed against the wind.

What's in that bottle?


How did you talk Soohong into doing that?

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It's cold in my city, Warsaw.

Put plainly, we are steering a steady course toward economic oligarchy, if we are not there already.

The important thing is to call the police at once.

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I often spend my leisure time listening to the radio.


He rescued the dog at the risk of his own life.

Stay calm and sharpen pitchforks.

Does this make any sense to you?

I must get over a loss, and my illness as well.

My bank statement no longer comes in the mail, but it can be accessed online.


He asked for a picture magazine to amuse himself.

Do you think that's what I want?

Pete has been eating cake.

They look just like rats leaving a sinking ship.

You just got pantsed in the schoolyard, four-eyes.

I can't figure out what you're trying to tell me.

A good idea occurred to me.


Riga is the capital of Latvia.

This fact bears witness to his innocence.

We're investigating a murder.

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Sanjay made enough sandwiches to feed everyone.

It's all Jeannie's fault.

His advice encouraged me to try it again.

Do you really believe you can do it?

I really want a beer.

It looks like there's a pleasure boat.

When I woke up this morning, both of my parents had gone to work.

Is there a tennis court around here?

How did it all begin?

We're all a little scared, to be honest.

Radek talked Frances into helping him.